////OPEN CALL////BODY AND BORDERS. by Kulikovska-Shabo Group. january 2015

January 15, 2015


OPEN CALL  for women media artists who work with topics as: Body, Women Position and Rights, Human Life, Own Identity, Religion, Feminism, Sexism, Racism, Power, Power’s Systems, Memory, History, War, Death, Borders. The works will be selected and presented in an exhibition featuring the artist Kulikovska-Shabo in their solo-exhibtion “Body and Borders” at Verkligheten in Umeå, Sweden 20th of March- 12th of April 2015. Final call 8th of March. For more information on participation look at the end of this announcement.


Kulikovska-Shabo – Art Group, consists of two multimedia artists working with several themes such as memory, life-death, the political will and self-identification through physicality. Maria Kulikovska and Jaqueline Shabo united after they made a conditional but at the same bureaucratic official act of union through legal registration of marriage. Thus becoming another legal family in Sweden and in all the “First world countries” and illegal in the “Third world countries “(data definition and separation from official sources). This alliance is an action of solidarity as a marriage of artistic expression and manifestation by turning “personal” life into the open trough artistic and political social platforms for the exposure of critical views regarding social, cultural, economic and political conflicts and issues trough the artist subjective positions.
This group started its life the 20th of August 2013, when Jaqueline and Maria filed a formal request to register their same-sex marriage in the Tax-office in one of Swedens municipalities. From that moment began the bureaucratic theme and the gradual transformation of their personal life into an object of research and careful consideration of not only the artists but first and foremost the representatives of the authorities. January 11th, 2014 was the official wedding of Ukrainian artist Maria Kulikovska and Swedish artist Jaqueline Shabo in Malmö, Sweden. The first official same-sex marriage in connection to Ukraine and the next step of opening an illegal door trough the walls of Europe.


The first project of «Body & Borders» will show video works of women artists from different countries, working with such topics as: Body, Women Position and Rights, Human Life, Own Identity, Feminism, Sexism, Racism or other forms of discrimination, Power, Power’s Systems, Memory, History, War, Death and Borders. These videos will be shown during the solo-exhibition of the artist group Kulikovska-Shabo at Gallery Verkligheten in Umeå, Sweden between 20th of March- 14th of April 2015. They will be presented in shared TV-monitors in a separate room, an exhibition within the exhibition. Linking the idea of the female artists intension of building bridges, actions of solidarity and networking between women.

Apply to participate with your video work trough an informal application process by sending us: your video and explanation of the piece/action/performance and artistic bio’s. The video needs to be uploaded trough WeTransfer and the general information send trough e-mail as an attachment in the format .doc. Final call 8th of March 2015.


Deadline: 08th of March 2015
– Wanted: single channel videos by film and videomakers from all countries on the globe;
– We would love to have your video/films made in the last years, but we don’t want to make any age frames of your art works;
– Duration: 60 seconds up to max 10 minutes (exceptions possible on request);
– Max 2 films/videos can be submitted.
– Creations using language and/or text other than English need English subtitles.
– The preview copy should be uploaded for download by using the free upload platforms like SENDSPACE www.sendspace.com (up to 300 MB) or WE TRANSFER www.wetransfer.com (up to 2GB), after upload please send the link to bodyandborders@gmail.com, and Kulikovska-Shabo Group will then download the film.
– for review only following video formats are eligible: . mov (Quicktime, H264 codec only) and .mp4.
– Selected artists will be notified and invited to send a copy of the selected video in best screening quality.


Please send the submission in WORD . doc as attachment to bodyandborders@gmail.com subject: Body And Borders 2015


a) full name
b) full address
c) email, URL
d) short bio (max. 100 words, English only)


a) title English – original (max 2 works)
b) URL home page, (Internet address for download)
c) year of production
d) duration
e) work synopsis (max. 100 words/submission, English only)
f) 2 screenshots for each submitted work (jpg, 800×600 px)


Please add this declaration & sign it with your full name & email address

I, the submitter/author, declare to be the holder of all rights on the submitted work.
In case the work is selected, I give – until revoke – Kulikovska-Shabo Group the permission to include the work in the exhibition context in physical space for screenings /exhibitions free of charge and use screenshots for non-commercial promotional purposes. Until revoke means, that the author can remove his work at any time.