The Raft CrimeA. a displaced parliament of the displaced. 2016

August 16, 2016
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The Raft CrimeA. Trailer

The territory under your feet is migrating. One can fall asleep at home and wake up at the very same place but in another country. In 2014, the whole population of Crimea migrated from one state to another during one night without making a step. Crimea is a peninsula of migrants; migrating peninsula.

In August 2016, at Kyiv quay of the Dnipro river, among luxurious restaurants and yachts, a life raft with a neon signboard “Crimea”, like on a chip bar, will be launched in to the water. Artist Maria Kulikowska, a citizen of the Crimean AR who lost her home there will live of the raft. Maria will live there without any resources, only supported by Kyiv residents. This performance will be not only a live metaphor of the vulnerable and abandoned condition of displaced, but also a political act. Putting her survival into dependence of other people Maria will call them to manifest solidarity with those who lost their homes.

The Crimea raft will be also a meeting point for displaced people, a public tribune for them to voice their problems and demands. All that happens on the raft will be broadcasted.

In a week after its launch, the Crimea raft with Maria and those who joins her, will start drifting down the Dnipro river to the Black sea and further to the Danube river. It will move up the Danube to the water border with the EU.

The raft will moor at harbors of many cities to gather local councils of migrants and displaced to discuss their urgent problems and to search the solutions for them. The Crimea raft will be a material statement that all territory disputes between states are first of all a disaster for people. It also offers a political platform – a tiny moving public space for political representation of those who are not represented by existing governments.

Rivers and seas have always been arteries of states. Today thousands of people, devoid of their homes, are moving on boats and rafts to the shores where no one is waiting for them and no one wants to see them. The vast population of the new ghost republic, a republic of migrants, not marked on the map, is drifting on the waves. The Crimea life raft will be its embassy, a displaced parliament of the displaced.

Curator of the project Lesia Kulchinska.
Curator of public programm around The Raft CrimeA Natalka Neshevets
Organized by VCRC
With support of Goethe-Institute, Vostok SOS, Hromadske TV, Old Fashion Radio
First official project and beginning of School of Political Performance
Сuratorial text – Lesia Kulchinska