WHITE. action. 1 may 2015

May 1, 2015
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May 1, 2015, the Crimean Bridge, 9 Krymsky Val, Moscow river, Moscow, Russia
protest against the policy of aggression of Russia to Ukraine.


I clean off the colors off my flag, Crimea flag, as they try to clean away my land, my history, my hope.

BlUE – a symbol of hope for a prosperous future.

WHITE – the equality of all cultures and peoples of the peninsula, the desire for civil peace.

RED is the heroic and tragic history of the Crimea, the memory of the lessons of the past.

February 20, 2014 entered the Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers in the Crimea, Ukraine.
After 1 year and 2 months the area has become a white spot on the map of the world, the abandoned exclusion zone for the storage of weapons, training future “Russian cargo 200”, zone of total lies, humiliation, complete disappearance of respect and memory of a difficult past, has turned into the world without hope for the future with a complete oppression of human rights regardless of faith, confession, nationality, culture, language, eye shape and color, this area has become an empty abandoned exclusion zone of poverty, became as zone of “between.”

During this last year of life, people have to move under the machine guns and constant interrogations and controls of the bridge mined from the “white zone” in Ukraine, many people had to leave their homes, promised high salaries and pensions devalued due to lack of food and medicine, and their high cost, the complete absence of some further development, but to specific prospects of turning the whole territory of all remaining residents into a military base and “Dacha” for the “White People” with the remaining inhabitants as staff. The interrogations; disappearances; and now is 20 years in prison for Oleg Sentsov only because he is crimean, does not support the annexation; rotten propaganda; thousands of people deprived of their homes; thousands of broken heart and destiny; depression and words around:”Well, we will start all over again”; constant search for new house; employment; new place in the sun to those who from the “white zone”; a vacation on the sea in the distant past …

And now what Russia left for us – is small piece of beach on dirty Moscow River under pissed, stuffed with police cameras, Crimean bridge? …